Coahoma EPA’s Texting Service

Short Code

The texting service will use a short code as the “from” number for all of your outbound text messages.  The short code number is like a cell phone number, except that it’s only 6 digits long.  The short code number is 352667.

Available Commands

The following commands are available. 


What It Does


Gives the member information about the service


Allows the member to start the opt-in process


Confirmation that the member wants to opt in to the service.


Opts the member out of the service


Returns a list of the commands the member can use.


Allows the member to reset the text session in order to start over again.


Getting opted in to the new text service

In order to start getting text messages using the new service, each member must opt in using their cell phone. 

Once a member opts in, they will start receiving all of the texts they are signed up for.  Every text message they receive will include instructions for how to get help and how to opt out of the service.

To opt out, the member would send “STOP” to the short code (352667).  Once they are opted out, a member will not receive any text messages from you on that cell phone.  In order for them to start receiving messages again for that cell phone, they will need to start the opt-in process again by sending “JOIN” to the short code (352667) and then reply to the welcome message with “START”.  We must have your cell phone number in our system, if you are unsure please call our office.


Problems that would prevent someone from opting in:

  1. The cell phone is using a signature on their text messages that has no space before it starts.  This causes the coop number to be combined with the signature.  Our system will reply with a message saying to “please disable the signature and try again” if they attempt to opt in and they are using a signature.  
  2. The cell phone does not exist in Coahoma EPA’s system.  A member cannot opt in to the service unless the cell phone/mobile number currently exists under an account in Coahoma EPA’s system.  
  3. The member accidentally deleted the Welcome Message that was sent to them so they don’t know how to opt in.  In this case, they can send “START” to the short code number (352667).
  4. The member has indicated to their cell provider that they don’t want to receive texts from short codes.  In that case, they will need to contact their cell provider to request that short code messages should be sent to them.