FAQ’s for Consumers provided by the Mississippi Insurance Department State Fire Marshal’s Office:

Who do I need to contact to move my factory-built home?

You must contact an installer/transporter that has a current license issued by the State Fire Marshal’s Office. For a list of all licensed Installer/Transporters, contact the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Is the installer/transporter I hire to move and set-up my home required to provide a written contract for the work to be done?

Yes.  Request the contract be provided before the home is moved to the new location.

How can I ensure my home will arrive at the new location in the same condition that it left the old location?

It is suggested that photographs, date stamped if possible, be taken of the interior and exterior of the home to document the pre-move conditions.

Do I have a choice in the type of anchoring or foundation systems installed on my home?

Yes. The installer/transporter who will install your home can provide you with this information to answer your questions or you may contact the State Fire Marshal’s Office for assistance.

Why must site preparation be done at the location of my factory-built home?

Site preparation is required to provide the proper drainage of all water around and away from your home.  Water cannot run under your home nor is water allowed to stand or pool around your home.

Can I do my own site preparation?

Yes.  However, the site preparation must comply with all State Regulations for Factory-Built Homes. Contact the State Fire Marshal’s Office for guidelines of proper site preparation.

Does the State Fire Marshal’s Office inspect the site preparation prior to my home being installed?

No.  The licensed installer/transporter is required to ensure that the site preparation meets the State regulations prior to placing the home at the designated location.

If I want to relocate my factory-built home on my own property, am I required to have an installer/transporter license?

No, as long as you or a family member own the home and it is not intended for sale exchange, lease or rent. However, a State Fire Marshal inspection is required to ensure that the installation of your home is in compliance with all State Regulations.

If my home fails the installation inspection, what is the allowable time period for the corrections to be completed?

The installer/transporter will receive an Affidavit and letter describing the inspection deficiencies and will have 20 days to complete the repairs and return the notarized Affidavit to our office.

If my home continues to have problems that are not repaired by the manufacturer or the retailer, what are my options?

Contact the Consumer Complaint Branch of the State Fire Marshal’s Office. State the problems you are having with your home. A Consumer Complaint form will be mailed to you. Complete the form and return to our office. Be sure to include your name, address and a telephone number where you can be reached during the day, the name of the manufacturer of your home, name of retailer you bought the home from and the name of the installer who installed your home.

Who do I contact if I have paid a retailer for a factory-built home, but it was never delivered?

Contact the Attorney General’s Office, Consumer Protection Agency, at 1-800-281-4418.


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